The project is a campaign to support women football in Jordan and to encourage girls under the age of 17 to play sports and spread the culture of sports generally and football specially; it also aims to encourage tourism in Jordan by attending the Women’s World Cup that Jordan is hosting.
The campaign is an interactive one; the method is going to be utilizing video mapping projection via two parts, the first is an educational experiment and the second one is on campus where it will target the society as a whole.
This ticket design is a concept, provided to enter the graduation project, similarly to enter a football game. The QR code when scanned will provide the information about the project and what will be displayed.
The left display exhibited the video mapping part of the project, the center display featured the posters and the right display showcased the survey study conducted for purposes of this project. Coca Cola was presented as it was the U17WWC sponsor, and oh yeah... Me!
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